Privacy Policy


1. The information you provide to us

Your privacy very important for us. We take it seriously and when you provide us with any personal information, we endeavour to keep it safe. Blynk never shares your privacy info with any 3-d parties and takes all reasonable precautions to protect it. In fact, the only personal info we are taking from you is your email address that later may be used for mailing of newsletters and hashed password. Nothing more.


2. Usage tracking

We use a Google Analytics tracking code in Blynk app. This information helps us to understand Blynk app usage. This information is anonymous and does not provide us with identifiable information, but helps us ensure that we do things right and introduced features are used.


3. Camera and others permissions

In order to work correctly and to provide you with cool features Blynk app requires a bunch of permissions from your 

smartphone, like Camera access and SD card access. Camera required for QR code scanning, Blynk kickstarter backers redeemings and for sharing feature ( Sharing feature generates QR code that should be saved to SD card, that's why SD card access permission is required. This is the only goal of Camera and SD card permissions. We never used it and will never use it for other purposes.


4. Cookies

Blynk doesn't use cookies.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us on