+ I backed Blynk on Kickstarter. Where are my widgets and why the app is free?

  • App is free becasuse otherwise you would have to pay to download it. This is how AppStore and Google Play works.
  • Current Blynk release has a limited amount of widgets. We decided to make them free for everyone until we implement store. After that, every widget will be paid. However every backer will get them for free (according to their pledge).

We are really sorry for the delay and any inconvenience it makes. Please look at this update to read about our decision more. We were just hurrying to put Blynk into your hands.

+ What is Blynk Cloud?

Blynk Cloud is a software written on Java using plain TCP/IP sockets and running on our server. Blynk iOS and Android apps connect to Blynk Cloud by default. Access is free for every Blynk user. We also provide a Custom Server distribution for those who want to install it locally. All the instructions and files are on our Github page.

+ How much access to Cloud Blynk Server cost?

It is free for every Blynk user.

+ Can I run Blynk server locally?

Yes. Those of you, who want extra security or don’t have internet connection, can install Local Blynk Server and run it in your own local network. Blynk Server is Open-Source and it takes less than few seconds to deploy. All the instructions and files are on our Github page.

+ What are the requirements to run Custom Blynk Server?

To run Custom Blynk Server, all you need is Java Runtime Environment.

+ Can I run Blynk server on Raspberry Pi?

Yes, surely!

+ Does Blynk app work over Bluetooth?

No. But it's planned for next releases.

+ Does Blynk support Ethernet / Wi-FI / UART?

Yes, all of them. See full list of supported hardware and shields.

+ I don't have any shield. Can I use blynk with my computer?

Yes, you can use Blynk just with a USB cable. Check this example There is a step-by-step instruction on how to do it.

+ Can Blynk handle multiple Arduinos?

Yes, you can do it using Bridge functionality which allows you to do that.

+ Does Blynk server store sensor data when app goes offline?

It's a work in progress, but it's planned to hold up to 1000 latest values. If you need more you can install Blynk Server locally. We also plan to implement Data Log Widget, which will store more historical data.