create a mobile app for your Internet of things in 5 minutes

Connect your smartphone to any"thing" built with hardware like ESP8266, Arduino, SparkFun, Raspberry Pi, Intel, and 400+ others.
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It's FREE. Download IOT app constructor for iOS or Android:



"Hello, World" to your hardware in less than 5 minutes:
1. Drag-n-drop the widgets in Blynk app
2. Upload Blynk example sketch to your device
3. Press PLAY ▶︎
🙌 🎉 💥
Now Your smartphone can talk to the hardware and back. Cool, right?
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no more "I 😍/😡 <coding>" situations

Blynk works for both Newbies and Pros

← For Newbies: This is how basic Blynk sketch looks like. Just 10 lines of code. Then learn more.

For Evil Geniuses: your existing code can be easily integrated with Blynk, saving you tons of development time and efforts. You can build any logic and connect any 3rd party libraries.

Freedom of choice

Blynk works with ANY hardware, ANY internet connection type, ANY sensor or actuator.

Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun, Intel, Particle Photon and Electron, Texas Instruments, SeeedStudio, still reading? 
Ethernet, WiFi, USB, 2G, 3G, LTE, LORA, BLE, GPRS... 

Check all the supported hardware models here →

We have amazing friends and partners!

Widgets to build ANY interface

Visualize sensor data 📈 in real time, control things 📲 remotely, get notifications, and more.

Whether you are building a 🌡weather station, 🏠connected home or a 🤖robot - there is a widget for that.

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You can even publish YOUR freshly made app to App Store and Google Play
😱 Wait, how? 😱

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👥 Share with friends and family

Share access to your projects with others even if they know nothing about electronics and coding. 

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Enjoy the most 👽human way of setting the rules and schedules.
☁️Cloud or 🛢Server?


Blynk Server is free and open–source. It's also lightweight and fast.

If you feel nerdy or just want to be sure no one else has access to your stuff, install Blynk server locally with a single line of code.

It can run even on a $5💵 Raspberry Pi. 
Check how →



other awesome Features


state SYNC

Imagine, you turned ON the lights from your smartphone. Now someone clicked a physical switch to turn it OFF. Blynk will update the button state in the app.

log and export data

You can log the sensor data, visualize it in Blynk app, and export in CSV format for later analysis

Change ui on the go

Blynk app UI can be changed straigh from the hardware: state, colors, labels


Just in case you need that

IFTTT integration

Use maker channel and connect your Blynking stuff to the world. 


Another cool feature