Getting started

Just a few steps before you start tinkering with your smartphone and Arduino or Raspberry Pi:



In case you forgot how to install Arduino libraries – check here. Follow "Importing a .zip Library" guide.



  1. Open Blynk App and create new project. 
  2. Choose the hardware and communication type you are going to use 
  3. Add Button widget. You can hold and drag it to reposition. Tap once to get to Widget Settings.
  4. In Widget Settings set the PIN you want to control (e.g. if your LED is connected to pin 7 – choose pin D7)


  1. Check your email inbox. There you will find an email from Blynk Dispatcher with Auth Token for the project.
  2. Use our sketch builder to choose the type of hardware and communication you use. The example to blink an LED - is Getting Started/BlynkBlink
  3. Paste Auth Token to your sketch and upload it to hardware. 

5. Enjoy!

  1. Press PLAY   in the Blynk App. 
  2. Control the LED with the button! Hello IOT world 🎉

If you have questions or something is not working , check out our amazing community, where people are helping each other, sharing ideas and discussing projects. 


5. Explore

  1. Explore other examples that are included in the library to feel the taste of what you can do with Blynk. Or
  2. Continue using  the sketch builder to see how easy it is to combine examples and make them work with your hardware.
  3. Learn about how to send any sensor data with Virtual Pins and how to use Timers