Before you even start


Complete all the basics, before moving further. Blynk is yummy when you know how to cook it.  


Blynk Sketch is like a cake, consists of a few layers

Connection - defines how you will be connected to the internet



Building apps is easy, hardware requires some knowledge. 




Before you even start

Blynk and Hardware


Ingredients you need:

Download Blynk app for iOS or Android

Choose the hardware







First Time Here


I've blinked an LED. Yay! What's next


Blynk Cake structure

Blynk Basics


Best way to work with Blynk


Attention! Achtung! Uvaga!

Blynk can be too much for you. Start with small doses. Here are some basic rules:

Blynk responsibly. Stay Safe.

• Start with Checking that Blynk is working for you (drinking person + Love icon, blynk logo with bite marks) Build a relationship

• Make your stuff work without Blynk (checkmarks sensor, board, wires)

• Mix carefully together  

• Enjo 

Blynk and hardware